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Williames ribbon mixers provide a gentle mixing action that gives a fast mix without damage to the structure of the ingredients.

Features are:
  • Flat section helix ensures minimum
    damage to soil medium
  • Gentle thorough mixing action provided by a double section reverse helix
  • Adjustable time for auto turn off
  • Robust construction for long life

Mixers are available in 4 different sizes
as listed below:

Williames Mixer Specifications

Model Number

Hopper Capacity, cubic metres (cubic yards)

Motor size, kW


Length mm (inches)

mm (inches)

mm (inches)

Suited to




2,140 (84)



Mixes to 0.5 cubic meters







Light mix, 0.75 cubic meters heavy mix.



5.5 (7.3)




Light mix, 1.3 cubic meters heavy mix







Light mix, 2 cubic meters heavy mix.

Options include:

  • Single phase on M50 and M100 mixers
  • Replaceable liner (not available on M50)
  • Air operated door (not available on M50)
  • Full galvanising


Product Testimonial

  1. Preamble
  2. As a specialist nursery operator that relies on precision mixed soils, over a period of twelve months I searched Australia for the most efficient soil mixing system, from concrete agitators to paddle mixers. After two growing seasons, with faultless operation and precision mixing, I write this product testimonial.

  3. Design

The soil mixer had to meet several criteria, which Williames Hi-Tech could provide –

  • The mixer had to accommodate mixing a cubic metre of soil which weighed 1.4 tonne per metre
  • The mixer had to be petrol driven
  • The mixer had to be made mobile and fully galvanised

Williames’ attention to detail, engineering capabilities and understanding which through intelligent and functional design, knowledge, constant research and development and willingness to listen and liaise with their prospective client built a custom made unit which handles the rigours of which it is exposed.

  1. Testing
  2. In line with their efforts to provide a functional unit, testing of the unit was completed in Warragul whereby a cubic metre of soil was shipped from Adelaide. The unit passed with flying colours and the purchase was effected.

    On receipt of the machine I completed a mixing test in which I mixed a soil batch for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes. Plants were potted and kept for 12 months.

    All plants in each batch grew equally well. No difference in soil particle size was observed in all batches. In my opinion, the plants with only 5 minutes mixing performed equally as well as those in soil mixed for 20 minutes. Since this test, all batching is done on 5 minute cycles. An automatic timer, a useful addition, provides this security.

  3. Summary

To complete the batching set-up, a Williames’ conveyor was added to fill the potting machine. This unit was selected because of the slow gearing that moves soil quickly, but does unmix the soil when it is discharged into the potting machine. A small Bobcat 453 is used to load the mixer. All up, the batching plant is functional, practical in design and built to my exacting needs which only Williames Hi-Tech were prepared to do in an approach in which, as the purchaser, left me with no hesitation that the units would perform as stated.

I have no hesitation in recommending Williames Hi-Tech to any prospective horticultural equipment purchaser.

Yours sincerely,

John Harradine


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