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Magic Carpet Tea Harvester The patented T1000 "magic carpet" tea harvester presents a revolutionary concept in the mechanical harvesting of tea. Instead of the harvester running on wheels or tracks, or being carried by workers, it runs on top of the tea bushes. Manufactured from aerospace materials with a very high strength to weight ratio the T1000 is light enough not to damage the bushes while strong enough to be able to perform reliably in arduous conditions in tea estates of all sizes.

The T1000 runs with one operator and can harvest up to one hectare per hour. It has a floating head for even, accurate cutting, resulting in tea of better quality. Compared to other mechanical harvesting methods the T1000 requires less labour and cuts with higher accuracy, and of course when compared with hand plucking the savings are even higher.

The magic carpet tea harvester has been developed with a base of over 15 years experience in mechanical harvesting. Williames tracked harvesters and pruners are still being used in tea plantations in Papua New Guinea after commissioning more than 12 years ago.

T1000 in TanzaniaFor plantations looking to greatly increase the profitability of their operations the T1000 offers the following advantages:

  • Enables plant density per acre to increase by 15%, by making it possible for a continuous tea canopy to be planted without any rows required for tracks or wheels to run down.
  • Enables faster, more accurate harvesting than with hand-held harvesters. Two operators each on six hour shifts can harvest in one day what it takes thirty operators running ten hand held machines to do in the same time. On top of this the quality of the tea harvested with the T1000 is better due to the high accuracy and uniformity of cut achieved.
  • Has reduced running and maintenance costs when compared with the fleet of hand-held machines required to do the same job.

By cutting harvesting costs while producing a better quality leaf than that obtained from other mechanical harvesters the T1000 makes a big contribution to an improved bottom line. Williames has supplied tea harvesting machinery to tea plantations in South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, India, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, this new model was developed in response to the need for tea estates to increase their profitability. Please contact us to get more information on the T1000, including a video of it operating in Tanzania.

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